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Working with our tutors, you will improve your areas of weakness to consolidate your STEM knowledge. 

Our experts in the fields of Mathematics, Physics, Computer Science, Biomedicine, and Chemical Science are always ready to help.


Math is a core subject in most curriculum. However the numbers can become more daunting as you progress further up your education. Book a session with our lecturers to keep you from falling behind.

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Working with our lecturers, you will target the inconsistencies in your knowledge to consolidate a firm understanding.

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To those aspiring to improve in biology, we tailor our teaching to each client. Reach the top of your academic career, and master the subject at any level with our lecturers.

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Tackle the challenges of chemistry with our specialist lecturers. We will be here with you every step of the way and work towards building your academic success.

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Computer Science

We are here to boost the confidence of the students who are studying it. Our lecturers will help identify your areas of improvement and provide advice where needed.



Dr. Emmanuel Osei headshot.jpg

University of British Columbia

Emmanuel Osei

I am a highly motivated Biomedical Scientist with a joint-PhD in Pathology and Medical Biology. I have years of experience in teaching basic cell biology, and currently lectures graduate students in the Pathology department at U.B.C on complex models of human diseases. My teaching philosophy is rooted in my ability to simplify difficult concepts down to their basic forms, and the ability to view problems from my student’s perspective.

Claudio Ravasio Headshot.jpeg

University of Cambridge

Claudio Ravasio

I am pursuing a PhD at the Department of Medical Physics and Biomedical Engineering (UCL). I originally graduated with a BSc in Environmental Engineering from the ETH Zürich and followed this up with an MEng degree at the University of Cambridge. I have a broad range of interests in STEM fields and enjoys tutoring at different levels. I also have experience supervising Biomedical Science students in their final year projects.

Eric Headshot.jpg

Columbia University

Eric Mao

I am a first year student at Columbia University in the City of New York hoping to study Neuroscience and Behavior and Education. I am a six time medalist and two time winner at the National Junior Classical League Convention, National Latin Exam Perfect Scorer, and American Chemical Society - Greater Houston Area scholarship award recipient. Outside of my academics, I enjoy watching Formula 1, painting murals, and playing various computer games. 

Queens University

Jessica McCluskey

I completed my BSc in Exercise Science which included a series of internships in clinical exercise physiology. I then pursued my passion of working with children by obtaining a generalist Bachelor of Education in primary/junior division from Queens University. This experience strengthened my resiliency and belief in the necessity of tutors and additional support outside the classroom, especially in regard to online learning.

Alannah Headshot.jpg

University of Cambridge

Alannah Klein

I am a 4th-year medical student. As a tutor, I value that each student is different such that the process of tutoring must be a flexible and highly personalized one. I strive to find ways to encourage and develop the strengths of each student while also providing guidance to effectively tackle any problem areas. My experience in higher-level IB Biology and Chemistry to medical school gives me a range of knowledge and techniques to adapt to each subject.

Columbia University

Sam Tecotzky

I am an undergraduate student majoring in Statistics and Political Science. I have tutored several students in both high school subjects and college test prep, as well as tutoring extensively for the Statistics and Mathematics departments at Columbia. I prioritize understanding students both as learners and as people. Through this process I am able to build trust and tailor my teaching methods to the student’s specific needs. 

Hesham Headshot_edited.jpg

University of Cambridge 

Hesham Mashour

I am currently training to be a doctor in Cairo, Egypt. I gained a distinguished achievement having attained the highest mark in the world in the A-Level Mathematics June 2012 exam with A*A*A* in Biology, Chemstry and Math. My remarkable work ethic and enthusiasm for knowledge and sharing sets me apart as a tutor. As a friendly and capable communicator, I can offer personalised support to consolidate learned knowledge in refreshing and engaging ways.

Kerry Headshot.jpg

Columbia University

Kerry Sun 

I am currently a first year Ph.D student in the Chemical Engineering department at Columbia University in New York. I am an expert at high school to university level chemistry, physics and mathematics. During my time at USC, I worked in a biophysics lab under Dr. Noah Malmstadt where he synthesized bio-mimetic cell membranes. During the summer, I can be found working in the lab or tutoring high school students inchemistry, math and computer science.

Zach Headshot .jpg

State University of New York at Fredonia

Zach Xi

I am an international student-athlete currently triple majoring in physics, mathematics, and applied mathematics. Just recently, I received a grant from the National Radio Astronomy Observatory (NRAO) to participate on a radio astronomy project. I have also worked on projects relating to stellar and computational astronomy. I can also be found working as a tutor at Fredonia’s Carnahan-Jackson Learning Center.