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On top of traditional high school classes, our tutors are well prepared in teaching both International Baccalaureate and Advanced Placement courses. Rest assured that our tutors have the experience and resources to help you succeed in the main subjects of Mathematics, Biology, Chemistry, and Physics.


Whether you need help with a standard level or higher level IB course, our tutors are ready to help. Here, you will navigate asking challenging questions, critical analysis and developing long-term research skills for higher education.

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Our lecturers will tailor each session to your needs to guide you through the extra workload. You will have an improved sense of critical thinking and understanding of the subject of your choosing.

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IB Project

Personalized IB Consultation 

We will assign two dedicated lecturers to guide you in your research for the Extended Essay and Internal Assessment components of the International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme

3 weekly sessions of close supervision and guidance 

We oversee your research to ensure it aligns with  your academic standards

Customized to target your most critical weaknesses

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With our professional consultants, we will provide deeper insight of the IB project.

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IB Project

$350 CAD for 3 sessions/ week

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